New Year, New Goals

2019 was a douzy.

In 2019 I decided to finally publish a book. It was a gamble, I knew there was a chance it would flop and I’d never make a dime and I’d end up spending way more than I’d make. I had always been told as a child that I was a strong starter and a horrible finisher, and so I knew there was a chance I would botch this whole process from the beginning, but I was determined enough to at least try.

I published my first book in February of this year. It hasn’t done great, but I didn’t know anything about tropes, or the NA category or really what I was doing at all. But I pressed onward after I published, kept learning and learning, polished up my second book and began writing my third. I published my second book in May, my third in August, and my fourth in November. Then I published a novella this month, and finally, I created the box set of my YA Fantasy series, The Valdir Chronicles and published it last week.

I NEVER thought I would get this far. I NEVER thought I would publish four books and a novella in the same year. Before 2019 I barely wrote a book a year, and usually those books never made it past the rough draft stage. But suddenly I’ve written three books this year alone, and most of a fourth. I am writing more and faster than I ever have before. Suddenly, I’m not a poor finisher. Suddenly, I can do anything I put my mind to.

I NEVER thought I would be making a couple hundred a month. I NEVER thought I would do a radio interview. And yet, here we are. I make on average over $100 a month, and this month I broke $200 a month. I hope to keep this momentum going.

My goals for 2020 are lofty, admittedly. BUT if I don’t make them lofty, if I don’t challenge myself, then how will I know I can make it? So while I do have personal goals, like losing at least 80 pounds, and working out 3 days a week, and getting a kayak, etc, it’s my writing/publishing goals that are the most challenging.

I want to publish anywhere from 4-6 books this year. I know I want at least 2-3 in this new series I’m writing (Kingdom of Wind & Fire) but I also know that there’s no way to guarantee an exact number of books in each series that I’m in the middle of writing! And then I may come back to the Valdir Chronicles if the story calls to me, or I may start an entirely new series. The problem is, I can’t dictate the future of my writing in terms of projects. I am an artist after all.

I want to do at least one in-person book signing/selling. I have horrible anxiety and the idea of trying to sell my books to total strangers is TERRIFYING. And the imposter syndrome is strong, and somehow I don’t feel like I deserve to sell books. So that is a fear I plan to conquer.

I plan to go to 20booksto50k Vegas in November of 2020 (if I can get a spot). This is something I’m extremely excited about attending, and could be a game changer for this career. I will be rubbing elbows with other authors who regularly pull in thousands and thousands a month and make over half a million or more a year.

I want to earn more than I ever have before. My first goal is to regularly make $300 a month. But by the end of 2020 I would like to be regularly making $500 a month if I can. That would finally give me some room to play with ads. Which is another goal: LEARN ADS. This is the part I am legitimately scared of. I know next to nothing about marketing and so far I’ve been winging it, so my goal is to really learn how to dial in my audience and ad spend and see if I can boost my sales.

That’s it, at least for now, in terms of my 2020 goals. I plan to write at least five days a week, and I really want to focus on getting you all some great books this year. I hope you all set yourself lofty goals so that you can achieve even more this coming year than you did in 2019. It’s a new decade and a new chance to really make something.

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