Indie Author Part 3 or something

I figured I’d give another update, since I’ve released *almost* three more books since my last post and am about to work on releasing a fourth. That’s a whopping five books in one year. I feel like I’m crazy.

I recently went to a Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) event in my town and realized I was one of the few published authors present. It was a surreal feeling, since a year ago I had no intention of publishing any time soon. But here I am, and by the end of this year I will have five books out. Suddenly, I was the expert on indie publishing in this group of writers. I had people asking to follow me on social media and to buy my books. I had one person picking my brain about the difference between indie publishing and traditional. It was hard to talk myself up, sell myself and my books to potential readers without the anonymity of the computer screen before me. But it was very fun to be looked up to.

I loved seeing how far I’d come since the new year. I never thought I’d be working this hard at my writing goals and accomplishing this much. I don’t make even enough to pay for my costs yet but I am working hard to get to that point.

I have the release of my fourth book (Born of Blood) next week on black Friday. I am nervous and excited, as per usual. I just finished formatting and am waiting on the final wrap so I can upload it to Amazon. I am editing book five (the novella, Born of Stone) right now and hopefully next week or the week after I’ll have a cover and can set a release date in late December. My next goal after that is to release the box set, which I also need a cover for and I hope to do before year end as well. I am also working with my friend and artist, who did the map for my first book, on a map for the Valdir Chronicles series which I am hoping to reveal in the box set (and on here). On top of all of that I am currently writing book one of my next series (and am almost half way through!).

It is strange how these goals I’ve set for myself have become just as solid and real to me as if my boss had given me these deadlines. I have struggled all my life with following through on arbitrary goals. I NEVER thought I could do multiple things at once: work full time, write part time, publish, edit, run a small business, go to the gym, eat healthy, have good relationships, etc. And yet here I am, crushing every single one. This year has been such a journey of self discovery for me. I have changed careers, begun a business, and begun making major changes in my life. I am exhausted but honestly, on top of the world.

My goals for 2020 include publishing at least 6 books, if not more. It entirely depends on how quickly I can write. I may even start a new pen name for some apocalyptic/horror/dystopian books I have planned, but I’m not sure. It all depends on how feasible that is.

I also have an amazing mentor and a few other new authors who are going through this alongside me who have been amazing supports! I can ask them any questions I have and they will commiserate with me when things go sideways. They also encourage me when I’m feeling defeated.

Now I’m off to write the blurb for Born of Stone and do some editing. Happy reading/writing everyone!

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