Finding the Perfect Writerly and Bookish Gifts for That Person in Your Life

As both a writer and a reader I would love and appreciate every single one of these gifts. I have a running Amazon wish list FULL of these kinds of things that I make sure to keep public *wink wink, nudge, nudge* in case someone wants to buy it for me.

As a reader I might appreciate a fun comfy pillow, or comfy socks, or a book sleeve. But as a writer I need all the notebooks and pens (even though I have a million) and anything typewriter related. Pop figures of my favorite characters are always a plus to decorate my shelves, and candles seem to be increasingly popular among avid readers. Plus, who doesn’t love a bookmark that you’ll never end up using because a receipt is handier?

I’m not getting paid to suggest any of these gifts by the way, I just genuinely enjoy them!

Amazon is a great place to start, and it’s where all these gifts come from. But also check out Etsy and Redbubble. They have awesome nerdy/bookish/writerly items as well.

  1. Reading Log
Click the photo for a link to buy this wonderful reading log.

Who doesn’t need an awesome reading log notebook for all your reading log needs?


Look at these clever bookmarks? I love to inspirational messages but they also have these on the right that you can color yourself! I love that because I also love coloring. Plus, you could color them and then give them away to friends and family for a personalized gift. Click here to buy these.

3. Signage

I mean, who doesn’t need one of these? Click here to buy!

Inappropriate but also, who doesn’t just want to be left alone with a good book? I know I do.

4. Drinks

Clever cocktail recipes! Click here to buy!

I feel like this book is super clever. I’m not a huge drinker but I’m totally a big enough nerd to want my drink to be from a book!!

5. Private Library

Super handy if you have tons of books and loan them out!

So I actually had this gifted to me a few years back! But at the time my personal library was super small. So I recently re-gifted it to my best friend who has a much larger library and lends books all the time! She loves it.

6. Character Development

Perfect for getting started!

This is so great, especially if you are struggling with character motivation or you are just starting out as a writer!

7. Typewriter Pen Holder

Typewriter pencil holder? Genius.

This is definitely already on my wish list and I fully plan on buying it for myself. I love all things typewriter themed!!

8. Emotion Thesaurus

Perfect gift for any writer.

So I already own this. My husband gave it to me the first year we were together. What can I say, the man really gets me. This is perfect for all writers of all stages. Seriously. If you have a writer in your life, buy them this, even if you never get them anything else.

9. Typewriter Coasters

Typewriter themed coasters!!!

Since I love all things typewriter themed…..this is also on my wish list. I need it in my life. For placing cider on while I’m writing.

10. Perfect Candle

The perfect candle.

And finally, the perfect candle to burn while reading or writing to get you in the comfy, cozy mood. There are tons of candles from this shop and others that are perfect for your bookish/writerly friends. This is also on my wish list.

I hope this short list helps you find the perfect gift! I know pretty much all of these are things I would be stoked to get as a gift. Anything that makes me feel comfy/cozy or speaks to me of rainy days and hours spent reading or writing the perfect scene/characters I will love. Also, honestly, any gift cards to a local book store or stationary shop would appeal to us. Maybe later I’ll make another post about the perfect gifts but include other kinds.

Happy reading and writing!

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