Pre-Order available!

Secrets & Swords is finally available for pre-order! You can use the link listed here:

When it first went live I felt like I wanted to puke. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying that something I wrote is out there in the world, for other people to read and judge. And then, people have actually bought my book! Some of them are friends and family, but a few are organic/strangers.

Thoughts keep running through my head: am I good enough? What if everyone hates it? What if it gets horrible reviews? What if????? So many what if’s. I have to keep telling myself that even if it’s not any good, even if it has flat characters, or a bad plot line, or a boring plot, or doesn’t have enough details or depth, that at least I wrote something and had enough courage to put it out there. At least I had the courage to follow my dreams.

I struggle with impostor syndrome and I worry you all will hate it. I can handle constructive criticism pretty well and in fact, I welcome it! But I struggle with self doubt, as all artists do to some degree, and the idea of everyone hating it is terrifying. The biggest advantage of indie publishing though is if enough people comment on the problems in the book, I can always change it and put an updated version up on Amazon. BUT I won’t be doing that for at least a year. I have a new trilogy to focus on!

If you decide you like my book, please leave me a review! Reviews are part of how I reach more readers and if you like my book I know you’ll want to tell others about me. 🙂

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