BIG news and other fun things!

Sorry I have been completely MIA for a while. Things have been nuts to say the least and I have never been good with keeping up on my blogging.  BUT I plan to get much better!

Since I last posted, I got married (yay!), bought a house (double yay!), moved, lost my job, and gained a new one.  My old job was completely soul sucking, draining me of both motivation and creative juices.  I wanted desperately to write but just couldn’t seem to.  When you work as a social worker, your entire day is spent mentally and emotionally and sometimes physically caring for others.  When I got home, it was all I could do to veg on the couch.  I was barely taking care of my own physical and mental health so my writing, my passion, took a back burner.

I lost that job due to burnout, and I immediately dove into my writing. I knew in my bones this was an opportunity for me to pursue my passion. I got another job, a much easier on my heart and soul job that makes me happy and is filled with much less drama, and it allows me to write in my down time!

So here I am. Writing. I spent December editing my NaNoWriMo book from last year, and in January I really began my journey. I have written and launched two short stories, first found here:

The second story is exclusive to my mailing list. I have started a mailing list (clearly) and communicate weekly with my subscribers. I have been learning by leaps and bounds about how the indie publishing business works and I am determined to make this work.

So often in my life have I felt like I’ve failed. I’ve been haunted and hounded by my failures. When I wrote my first book I felt like for the first time I’d pushed past that failure and actually accomplished something in my life, something worth doing. This publication is the culmination of that work, even though it’s not my first book I’ve written. It’s more like the third.

I have set myself some lofty goals for this year, including three more releases throughout the year of my Valdir Chronicles. I am not the fastest writer so I’m going to have to really step up my game but I am determined that within the next five to ten years I can be writing full time.

So! My first book, Secrets & Swords will be available for pre-order on 2/17/19 and will release on 2/22/19. Keep an eye out!

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