Becoming an Indie Author Part 1

My favorite book growing up was always Ronia, Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren.  It was simply written, and yet, took me to a different place entirely, and I ran in the woods with Ronia, fell in love with Birk, tamed wild horses and learned to watch out for everything. It built in me a love and a passion for reading and telling stories, as well as a love for strong female characters.

I grew up in a time when females were called bossy if they had leadership abilities, when women working instead of staying home with their children was just starting to really become popular.  I grew up with a very independent, strong, outspoken doctor mother, who also strangely prescribed to many non-feminist ideals.  I was called bossy.  I was taught that thin was the only way to be.  I was taught that I needed to not “wear the pants” in a relationship.  I was taught that men wouldn’t like me if I came on as strong as I did.  And I listened, and I didn’t write. For a while.  Until one day, I stopped listening.  That was the day I realized I wanted to be a writer.

I wanted to write female characters who were strong.  Who overcame the same things I did and still managed to thrive. I wanted to write characters with depth and complications and emotions.  I wanted to inspire young women to be exactly who they are.  I wanted to inspire them in the same way Ronia inspired me.  So I began writing again.  And all of my characters have gone through some sort of traumatic experience much like I have, and still come out alright, or much stronger.

I deal with tough subjects in my writing sometimes, anything from losing a parent or best friend or lover, to physical violence, to rape, to emotional/verbal abuse, to manipulation and neglect, to the world ending, to witnessing something awful, to murder.  I’m sure I will expand on these things, so feel free to leave ideas for things my characters can go through and still come out on top.  All of my characters will triumph in some way, and face their own demons.

I decided recently that I want to be an indie author.  Traditional publishing is great and all, but I want to keep my royalties and build this business on my own.  I’m slowly working towards this by building my social media platform, and finishing my first two books.  Then comes some *hopefully* great cover art and then figuring out where to publish.  When I do publish, you can bet I will let you all know, across all platforms as well as send out some ads.

More to come on this process I’m sure, so I will end this at part 1!

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